Pour Over Gooseneck Coffee Kettle with Thermometer by Barista Warrior

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Fulfilled by our friends at Barista Warrior

Method Matters. Use Barista Warrior’s Pour Over Kettle to Brew a Tastier Cup of Coffee. Unlock richer, smoother flavors from your roast with a slow, controlled pour!

Imagine finally mastering pour over coffee. Knowing just the right amount of coffee grounds to use, the ideal wrist motion, the perfect timing. That cup of coffee might just be your best yet. So, why not start now?

Brew pour over coffee like a barista with the Barista Warrior Pour Over Kettle — now available in copper-coated stainless steel.


Integrated Thermometer: Alerts you when your water temperature reaches 195°F - 205°F, the perfect brewing temperature (unlocks the full depth of flavors from your coffee, without burning it).

Easy-Pour Gooseneck Spout: Easy-to-pour gooseneck spout for precise water flow — the key to making barista-quality pour over coffee or tea.

Professional Quality Materials: Premium surgical-grade 18/8 stainless steel keeps rust at bay. The double-layer metal base keeps your kettle leak-free and rust-free.

No-Risk Purchase: Comes with a lifetime warranty. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your pour over coffee kettle, simply return it within the first year and receive a FULL refund.


  • Integrated Thermometer -  Provides precise temperature control (195°F - 205°F) for the perfect pour over (or cup of tea!)
  • Gooseneck Spout - Provides precise water flow and speed, without the mess
  • Ergonomic Handle - Designed for comfort pouring with heat resistance
  • Airtight Lid - Secure top for stress-free pouring (prevents spills and leaks)
  • Stainless Steel - Made from premium surgical-grade stainless steel, making it rust and leak-proof
  • Stove Adaptable - Double-layer metal base, constructed for induction, halogen, gas, and electric stove ranges, so you always have brewing options
  • Quality Construction - Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty (if you’re not completely satisfied, simply return within the first year and receive a full refund)
  • Varied Sizing - Available in 1.2 / 40 fl oz / 5 Cups or 1 Liter / 34 fl oz / 4 Cups


Here are 4 easy steps to make barista quality Pour Over coffee at home in just 6 minutes!

1) Medium Grind Coffee Beans

Grab your favorite coffee beans, measure out about 60 grams of beans, and give them a medium to fine grind. If you can use a burr grinder for best results. Pour the grinds into your filter. Dialing in your grind will take some trial and error to find what you love best.

Pro Tip: Create a divot/well in the middle of the grinds. This will help ensure all the coffee grounds get evenly saturated with water.

2) First Pour

Heat the water in your gooseneck kettle to 198-200 degrees fahrenheit. Start pouring in the middle of your coffee grounds making circles until you each the edge and ensure all the grounds are wet. 

3) Bloom!

Swirl the carafe to ensure all the coffee grounds get saturated with water and create an even coffee bed. Now let it sit for about 45 seconds for the coffee to bloom!

4) Second Pour

Pour the remaining water over the coffee grounds using the same technique as the first pour, but go slow and don't rush it. 

Pro Tip: Swirl the carafe again and give the coffee grounds a quick stir with a spoon. This ensures you're getting all that flavor out of those beans and into your cup.

Let the coffee sit and steep for about 4 minutes, giving the grounds time to release their oils and flavors. This ensures maximum extraction.

Serve & Enjoy Your Perfect Pour Over Coffee!

You did it! You're a home barista now. Pour yourself a nice cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy.

Read our full Perfect Pour Over Guide for more tips.

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