All You Need is Love

At Just Love Coffee we’re more than just a coffee company. We combine our mission to be a catalyst for love with a dedication to producing the finest coffees and food offerings through our franchises. We love the big wide world we live in and make helping its people a core aim of our business.

The waft of excellent hand-roasted coffee is surely one of the world’s greatest aromas, but to us, it represents more than just a job well done. It’s an opportunity to change the world we live in; to put people before profit; to give back to the community. Just Love Coffee Roasters has been a finalist in the prestigious Roaster of the Year in 2014 and 2015. The business has grown since its inception seven years ago. Our franchises now offer great food to match our coffee.

A cup of coffee represents a chance to stop, think, relax and watch the world for a while. Sitting down with a group of friends and solving global problems over a quality cup of coffee (or three) is surely one of the world’s favorite pastimes. So what if the act of purchasing and drinking coffee was solving major problems in itself? If you’re buying from us… it is! Though a business, our key aim is to give a large portion of our profits to worthy causes. Which is why we give a percentage of the profit on each bag sold online.

That’s not all; our wonderful franchisees also donate to local charities and causes in their region.

You could say our story is one based on love; love of locally, hand-roasted coffee, love of people, and love of our community.

It began when owners Rob and Emily Webb made the decision to adopt. They already had two beautiful kids, Isabel and Charlie, however, the call to adopt was strong for the pair and in 2009 Rob was on a flight to Ethiopia. Little was Rob to know that this event was to change not just his life and the lives of his two newly adopted children Tigist and Amelie, but also those of countless other people. For Rob had one of those inspirational ideas — a true light bulb moment — as he added up the expense of the adoption trip — and learned of the sacrifice and challenges of people in the same situation.

What if he were to set up a hand roasting business as a for-profit venture that existed to help others? One that took the customers into a form of social partnership? A simple idea but, like all great thoughts, one that was to have enormous power. In essence, Rob decided to start a business dedicated to using hand-roasted coffees to help others whose passion was to… well… just love.

Rob began his venture by converting an 800 square foot space in which they installed a small roaster, developed a few roasting profiles, set up a simple e-commerce store front, put word out on Facebook, and waited.
  • Just Love's Owners Rob and Emily

    Rob & Emily

  • Just Love's First Location

    First Just Love Coffee Storefront

  • Just Love Cause Coffees

    Cause Coffees

It was a success! The orders started arriving and family and friends were brought in to help in packing and posting. Just Love Coffee Roasters, a for-profit venture dedicated to giving away a portion of its profits was born!

Just under $100,000 was given back to the community in the first year, proving that a socially-minded enterprise could work. Since that time the business has grown through online sales, wholesale distribution, and franchise development. One of our goals has been to change the stereotype of the typical cafe and we now offer a full food menu — not just pastries and snacks — to go with our coffee at our franchises.

When you walk into one of our coffee shops you have the option of a full dining range to complement our coffee. We also help fundraisers “caffeinate their fundraising.” Opening a free account with us to raise money for a good cause is easy. We handle the orders, fulfilment, and shipping and this is perfect for social media alerts.

Our journey has just begun but we love that we’ve managed to do good while delivering a few of life’s great pleasures: a cup of excellent coffee, a full and exciting menu and a relaxing atmosphere. Who says crazy dreams don’t come true?

At Just Love Coffee Roasters, we want to work with our customers to “…be the change that you wish to see in the world.” We believe we can change the world, one bean at a time.