I Love Mom Blend - Decaf

Size: 12 oz.
Grind Level: Whole Bean
Sale price{$14.95


When you were young, she was there to kiss your boo-boos. As you got older, she kissed your heart with a listening ear and hug that you never wanted to end. Moms are certainly special people to us. That's why we created a coffee blend just for her. This coffee roastsimilar to Mom, warms you up in ways uniquely it's own. Its medium body coupled with notes of berries, spice, and vanilla and a clean finish is perfect for sharing a cup with this very special person in your life. Grab two mugs, brew a pot of I Love My Mom Blend (Decaf) to share with her. We promise it'll make her face and heart smile. Moms, like coffee, warm the body and soul in ways uniquely their own. 

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