Medium Roast

Decaf Ethiopian Sidamo

Botanical, Berry

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Indulge in the delicate and floral notes of this Ethiopian Sidamo decaf coffee with a light body. Its perfectly balanced acidity and clean finish will leave a satisfying taste on your palate.

Customer Reviews

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Some of the best decaf I've ever had!! Maybe the best! I love Ethiopia and was stoked to find an amazing decaf Ethiopia that I didn't get any bad reactions to (decaf is tricky). I drink way too much of this, though, cuz it is so good!

Lynn Watson
Guests never believe it’s decaf

We love that this amazing tasting decaf is available. We just don’t do high test in the evening with dessert. And we usually have to show guests the package. They are always so skeptical about decaf and find it hard to believe this is caffeine free. It’s not unusual to hear it’s better than the regular coffee they drink at home.

Home Barista
Great coffee

It's hard to find a good lighter roast decaf! Great product. Great flavor! Thank you.