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Our store's merchandise sales support local dog rescues, but since we are not open yet we'd like to get a jump on helping several of our dog rescue partners. The uncertainty of COVID-19 has impacted donations to the rescues but they still have dogs in need. When you buy bags of our Just Love Coffee we will donate 25% of the sales to our August 2020 beneficiary: Atlanta Rescue Dog Cafe.


  • AUGUST BENEFICIARY! I'd like to introduce you to the beneficiary of our fundraising in August: Atlanta Rescue Dog Cafe. Simply put, we're not going to spay/neuter, shelter, or adopt our way out of the pet overpopulation problem. ARDC addresses the root cause of these issues by delivering innovative educational programs that focus on the critical aspects of prevention and healthy human-animal interactions.

  • Our third beneficiary is the Ahimsa House. This is the ONLY domestic abuse shelter in Georgia that will accept a victim and their pets. 71% of domestic abuse victims said their abuser has threatened, abuse or killed the family pet to control the victim and up to 60% of victims said they have stayed in an abusive situation because they were afraid to leave their pets behind. Ahimsa House provides foster care for a victim's pets in a confidential network of foster homes while the victim reaches safety. For more information on the Ahimsa House, go to their website:

  • Our second beneficiary is Orphan Annie Rescue. They are a small, 100% volunteer rescue and also the group that brought Cali into our family. They typically focus on the smaller dogs, and pull dogs from the high-intake shelters from around Georgia. All of their dogs are placed in foster homes, so when adopting one of their dogs, there is a good chance for the foster family to get to know that dog's personality and will be able to help place the right dog into your home based on your needs and lifestyle. For more information about Orphan Annie Rescue, go to their website:

  • We'd like to introduce you to each of our three beneficiary rescues. Our first beneficiary is Barkville Dog Rescue, a dog rescue that is 100% volunteer, 100% foster. They don't have a shelter or a facility but rely completely on their volunteers to take in the dogs they save until they find their forever homes. Barkville is a little different than some of the other rescues out there, they save dogs from high kill rural shelters in Georgia and they also focus on high risk or medical cases. They save the dogs that other rescues won't save. Often their dogs are heartworm positive, have broken bones from being hit by a car, severe skin issues or other medical challenges. They nurse them back to health and find them an amazing forever family. Barkville has a goal of saving 1000 dogs in 2020 and they are well on their way to meeting that goal this year. To learn more about Barkville Dog Rescue, check out their website:

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