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“It wasn’t a matter of if. We knew God was calling us to do this. We just didn’t know when.” John and Melody Christian have been married for almost six years and live at the base of the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Palmer Lake with their two pups. Three years ago they decided it was time to start a family. Little did they know that their exciting decision was going to lead to several years of facing unexplained infertility. Eventually they came to the realization that maybe God was telling them to act now — that they didn’t need to wait on some medical explanation for infertility to give them the green light to do something they’d felt called to do. “It was the night before my 29th Birthday. We were laying in bed, and I leaned over to John and told him — I’m ready when you are. He looked at me with wide eyes — oh, I’m ready! Let’s adopt!” While John and Melody both have huge hearts for the Slavic countries and hope to one day adopt from Ukraine, they thought they’d start here. At home. They believe that mothers faced with unplanned pregnancies should have a third option — the option for healthy, open adoption of their biological child. And without willing adoptive families, adoption wouldn’t be an option for those moms. That’s why John and Melody have decided that their adoption journey starts through a domestic infant adoption. Thank you for your support!


  • We're ALMOST home study approved! Woo hoo! As we draw closer and closer to becoming a waiting family, we realize we still have a ways to go in our fundraising efforts. Giving a portion of your every day purchases, such as coffee, to our adoption means SO MUCH to us! Thanks for your support!

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